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SUX Travel Journal – International Travelers

SUX Travel Journal – International Travelers

TravelJournalBlogImage_septWhen thinking of Sioux Gateway Airport a few words come to mind, convenient, local, friendly and now, global. I was really surprised at how many international travelers made a stop in Sioux City. Here are a few of their stories…

Guten Tag!
I spotted Maria, Kathrine and Jörn relaxing in Marna’s Café before their afternoon flight. The family is originally from Berlin, Germany, but have made it a point to travel back to the states as often as possible. Years ago, Maria was a foreign exchange student. So each time the family makes the trip across the pond, they visit her Nebraskan host family as well as see different sites of the U.S. On this particular trip they flew into San Francisco, rented a car, and began an adventure. They made their way East, stopping to see some sights until they reached the home of Maria’s former host family. After some quality catch-up time the family decided it was time to make their way home – which brought them to Sioux Gateway Airport.

I asked them, with all of their traveling, why did they choose to fly out of Sioux Gateway Airport? Kathrine replied, in a thick German accent, “Because it’s convenient, small & nice.” Jörn and Maria nodded their heads in agreement. They also agreed that they couldn’t pick a favorite destination, “We liked them all”.

It was so great to hear that these experienced travelers enjoyed their time in the U.S. and at Sioux Gateway Airport. I hope they make the trip back soon and include SUX in their travel plans.

A neighbor to the north.
Jason was quietly working on his laptop as he waited for his flight. It seemed like he could use a break from work, so I struck up a conversation. As it turns out, Jason works for a North Sioux City company, but lives in Guelph, Ontario, making him a frequent Sioux Gateway Airport flyer. I think it’s safe to say that he wins the “longest commute” award.

Siouxland is just one, on a long list of places that Jason’s visited, in fact, he has been to 37 U.S. states, 7 Canadian Provinces, France, Brazil & Argentina. The South of France is his favorite designation… no surprise there. The midwest is lovely, but it’s hard to compete with wine country.

Since he’s such a seasoned traveler, I asked if he had any tips for those novice travelers out there. He said to just relax when it comes to delays, “Yelling at the person at the ticket counter never helps.” I think I speak for everyone working at the ticket counter when I say, thank you for that tip, Jason.

So three businessmen walked into an airport…
I only had a couple minutes to chat with Daniel, Jose and their friend because they arrived at Sioux Gateway Airport just minutes before their flight was boarding. This trio of businessmen hailed from Chile, Spain and the Dominican Republic. They’ve traveled the world for both business and pleasure and recommend visiting the Caribbean.

As they were making their way to the security line, Daniel mentioned that when he’s traveling, he makes sure to pack for the weather at his destination. Something I’ll keep in mind on my next trip to the Caribbean.

I guess you never know who you’ll run into a Sioux Gateway Airport. If you liked these stories, you’ll love the first entry of our SUX Travel Journal about a family’s trip to Sri Lanka. Click here to read it.

Wishing you safe travels until next time,
Allison, Sioux Gateway Airport Team



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